Indian dance unit in Indian studies

A Kathak dancer named ms. Priti came our school to teach us how and the different facts about kathak dancing. She also taught us about different kinds of Indian dances. The facts about kathak dancing is that it is a classical dance. We learned the foot steps to the basics but it was hard to do it without getting confused. She showed us that kathak dances can tell stories. She told us that to learn kathak dance you need to practice and learn for a lot of years. Also a tabla player named mr. Rajiv came from jharand came to our school and played the tabla to match the kathak dance that ms. Priti did.
We learned three other dances called Bollywood dancing and ghoomar and Bhangra . Ghoomar was a dance from Rajasthan and Bhangra was from Punjab. We also learned that ghoomar was a smooth and soft dance and Bhangra was a energetic and a fun dance. These two dances are called folk dances. The amazing fact that I learned is that there are at least 645 tribes in India that does these dances. Learning these fun dances in Indian studies was fun and exciting. I hope we have a similar unit like this one!!!!

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