India Week

We had a really fun in India week because we got to do all different kinds of activities and it was different than 3rd grade. On the second day of India week which was Monday we saw a balloon show and it was really fun and funny. On Friday we got to see people that came to our school to show how they made things. Then next Thursday the crafts changed to new craft demos. All of them changes. It was really fun to see the craft demos twice. On Tuesday we got to get mehendi and we got to draw or pick our designs some hands had spaces between designs and some hands were full of designs. It was really cool that the people who were doing it made it so exact and pretty. That day we also did yoga it made us really calm and energised. We got oranges after yoga and we did mindful eating kind of thing. The other exciting thing we did are fashion show, movie, screen printing, Rajasthani lunch (delicious), turban tying, puppet show, and my favourite activity is the dye. The dye was really fun and cool because I love art or craft and we made different designs with cloth and thread and beads except we did not put beads on the cloth we used it to get the Colour on the cloth. India week was really fun and I would love to have everyday as India week.










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