Personal narrative from the beginning of the year

What?Dedicated to my sister for revenge 

By : Yumin Kim

    One hot evening, as the sun s~l~o~w~l~y set behind the buildings outside I was having dinner with my sister. It was quiet, just the sound of the spoon hitting the plate. I kept an eye on her, she was never so quiet. Suddenly she was smiling at me. The smile had a hint of trouble “don’t do that face it is freaky and why are you smiling?”I asked. I saw myself reflect in her eye. I was trying not to get interested. It was hard to ignore. “What?”,I said finally. “You look like a Anteater!!!!!! so funny”, Hyeamin laughed. “What is an Anteater?”,I asked. “Go search”, Hyeamin said, then she left the dinner table. I took a peak at her plate “that’s fast”, I thought. I was alone at the dinner table. I was always last at eating. But I was full. I walked to the computer with my big fat belly. I was scrolling Down the page ……………. An Anteater had a long nose , short legs, small eyes and a very l-o-n-g tongue and it ate ants!!! Lava bubbled in my head. I stomped my feet , kicked the door open and spit fire at her . “You look like an Anteater, meany” I shouted. Hyeamin covered her ears “I DON’T” 

“I-“………………..”Get out” Hyeamin shouted I stuck my tongue and slammed the door at her face. ” Anteaters are ugly” I thought. I walked slowly to my bedroom with my heavy body and closed my eyes ………..


I knew that in the morning everything will be forgotten.

And it was.

About the author
Yumin Kim was born in Korea and from Korea but live in India from when was little. She is 11 in Korea and 9 in India. She is in 4th grade. She has one big sister that is annoyIng as from the story. Her mom and dad is also from Korea. Her favourite author is roald dhal and her favourite book is Matilda which roald dhal wrote and rat burger which David walliams wrote. 

Her favourite subject is art and her favourite artist is Monet. 

 This story is the first story I wrote in 4th grade . I think it is not so interesting compared to the other writing I did across the year. I am kind of sad that this story was boring. I feel like I improved a lot and learned a lot about this writing and the other kind of writing from this year. And I hope I can learn more next year !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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