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This is my opinion writing and I wrote about my grandmother because she is important to me. And you would know why if you read this writing. 

My Grandmother Is Important to Me
       Is your grandmother important to you in a lot of ways? Well, my grandmother is one of the most important people in the world to me for lots of reasons. She is the one who has fun with me, solves and helps me with problems, and the one who makes me feel comfortable and safe in the family.
     To begin with we have fun together everywhere. One of the fun things we do is have my favourite food together. (“Dokbugee,” which is as close as I can spell it with English letters.) I wait for my grandmother when she makes it and we eat it together. “Make it spicy”, I would always say. Then my grandmother says “it’s already spicy”. It tastes delicious when she makes it for me. Also we read together. Sometimes we read with different books and sometimes my grandmother reads to me when I ask her to. The last and the most fun thing we do together is go to the market. When I visit in Seoul, she never goes without me. If I can’t go because of homework, she either goes the next day or after I finish my homework. When we arrive at the market, we look for things we need. My grandmother always lists the things we need to get. When we look around I read the things we need aloud and my grandmother pushes the cart along and puts things in it. We always get more than we need. She also asks if I want anything to eat and gets it for me.
       Another reason that I realize my grandmother is so important to me is that she helps me with problems and talks to me about everything. At night we talk about the day I had in school and she never looks like she is bored. She always looks like she is listening to me and I feel really good. I know that because she always nods if I say something. She also talks about the day that she has had. Sometimes we tuck in bed and talk about other things that are happening. It happened a few times but we even discuss things until it is midnight and then start realising that it is too late. We talk about non- important things as well. Another way she helps me with problems is she tells me what I should have done, what I should do, and some other important advice. I listen to those pieces of advise because they always help. When I have problems she talks to me in the car. I love talking to my grandmother in the car because it’s a long way from school to my house and we have a lot of time to talk. I think that my grandmother is the best person to tell my worries and my problems to.
       The last and perhaps the most important reason is that my grandmother makes me feel comfortable and safe all the time. One of the things that feels comfortable and safe is when I sleep with my grandmother. When I sleep with my grandmother I sleep well, without any bad dreams and nightmares. I have good dreams or none at all. I feel really sleepy when I sleep with my grandmother. That make me sleep early and be energetic on the next day. Another example is that one day me and my grandmother decided to go for a walk near the rivers. I felt comfortable and safe being with my grandmother when she helped me go up big, huge steps and when I jumped on rocks. And one time, I was on my way to visit my grandmother. I was on a bus that goes to my grandmother’s house. I felt really excited to meet her. It was a really long ride on the bus from the airport to Seoul. I took a nap in the bus and when I woke up I saw my grandmother from from a really far distance. She didn’t come to the airport but she was waiting for the bus I was in. I felt happy to see her after such a long time, and comfortable with the idea that I was going to be staying with her for a few months. 
        My grandmother is the person in the family that cares or me and the family. And I understood more of it while writing this. I hope you have someone that you really love, that cares for you, and I hope you realise it soon enough.

About the author
Yumin was born in 2004, October 21. She is staying in Delhi but gets to see her grandmother every summer and sometimes at Christmas time. Yumin likes to write about her family. 


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