Fantasy Sneak Peek

I woke up early this morning. We were moving to our new home, new school. Which meant leaving all of my old friends. But there was one thing that stayed with me wherever I go. My violin. “Tomorrow will be the first day of school,” my mom explained. “You will be able to take part of the orchestra at school.” My face lightened a little bit. At least I felt a little happiness inside. After hours of car rides, We came to our new house. It was dusty and dirty and full of spider webs. It seemed like nobody had lived here in years.The house was empty with no furniture. “We will have the furniture here tomorrow,” mom said.

“Mom. Who’s house is this?” I asked. Mother frowned and looked at me.

“It is your grandparent’s house. Nobody lived here after your father passed away. Let’s just start cleaning.” Me and my mom got right to work. We wiped, mopped, and cleaned every bit of our new home. The bathrooms were the hardest part of the house to clean. It had water dripping from the sink. When everything was clean and shining, we were so exhausted and tired that our eyes started to close. The house looked so good and bright but now, we looked all dusty and dirty. We drove to a hotel for the night. I think we both fell asleep in five seconds when we got there. We spent the time at the hotel sleeping. It was a new day. Everything was perfect except for myself. Which meant that it was a new school day for me. The weather was perfect. Some wind and not cold. I felt my tummy feeling tight. “So how do you feel?” My mom asked.

“I don’t know but I’m excited about my first orchestra at this school.”

 “Great, Skye, today is your first class,” my mom said. Last year, I had entered a contest and got 1st place. Everyone was so happy for me. I stopped daydreaming about it and told my mom ” let’s get going now.”

This is an excerpt from my fantasy story called melody, harmony, and rhythms. These Paraghraphs are the beginning of my story. This part doesn’t really tell the main part of the story or the fantasy part of the story but I think this excerpt was one of the best parts in my story. I chose these Paraghraphs because I did a little bit of foreshadowing about the string instrument that the character likes. I tried to show the character’s feelings. For example, I showed how the character felt about leaving the old home and moving to an another place. I showed that the violin and the orchestra helped her think away from the sadness. I also chose this excerpt because it had some dialogue and narration. 

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