Delhi Out and About Reflection

  • How is this exploratory helping you in understanding your host country historical background architecture, culture, and traditions?

In exploratory, we get a chance to find a topic and research it, which helps me learn more about the architecture, culture, and traditions. The seven cities project really was a big part of researching as well as the Kahoot projects which I researched about India’s national holidays. And on the field trips, there were monuments which helps us get to know the architecture. 

  • Express you views about the field trips that you have part of so far.

I really liked the field trips because there were and there will be many opportunities to learn about architecture from the past and now. Also I liked it because we got to go with are friends.

  • Describe your one exciting memory from class.

I liked making our Kahoot, posters, and presentations. And I could work with different people for each project.

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