Delhi Out and About Experience

During this class, I learned more about my host country. I learned the different cultures and the different kind of arts that are being made here. The projects and field we did in classical really helped me to gain more knowledge about India and Delhi. The processes to the understanding India were the different projects that we made. 

One was about Delhi and its culture such as, food, arts, and architecture. Then, we also made different power points about the history of Delhi including the seven cities of India. Which was a good opportunity to learn about the history of our host country and the different monuments from history that still exists. Other projects that involved research was the kahoot project and the Gandhi video project. Making these projects were really fun because we got to do it with partners and we could use lots of creativity.

The field trips were so fun because with our friends, we got to experience and learn about the different monuments and what was happening around it. One good highlight for me was the trip to Gandhi Smriti because there were lots of information about Gandhi’s life that was written on the wall and pictures that showed it. It was just a good place to when you want to remember Gandhi’s actions and if you want to learn about it.

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