Me + Organization

My strengths

One of the strengths that I have for organisation is that I use my agenda for writing my homework for every class daily. When I go home, it helps me remember my homework for all of the classes. I also use google classroom for checking my to-do list. I useually check google classroom the most because it is very easy to check the things that I have to do. Another strength is that I think of when I have to do my homework. I like to do it before dinner and if I can’t finish it by then, I would finish it after.

Areas for growth

One of the areas for growth is to think about what kind of homework I would do. For example, I would do the homework that is due the next day before the other homework that I have to do. This would help me do all of my homework easily in time. Also I want to use my tiny calendar more often because usually, I don’t use tiny calendar and I only use my agenda and my google classroom.


One goal I have is to check tiny calendar more often and to check it daily for more accurate data about the homework that I have.

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