The Sun is Also a Star: Who are you in this universe? By: Yumin Kim

The Sun is Also a Star: Who are you in this universe?


By: Yumin Kim


BY: NASA, ESA, and A. Nota (STScI/ESA)


“Carl Sagan said that if you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe… To make a thing as simple as an apple pie, you have to create the whole wide world.” Nicola Yoon starts The Sun is Also a Star with a quote from carl Sagan.  


This prologue creates a sense connectivity of everything in the universe. We are part of a larger something. Connection gives people happiness. Isolation, whether called upon by themselves or not, brings sadness, and loneliness. People need to be connected with others to be happy whatever the situation is, maybe even that it can also save people’s lives.


Everything is connected in this world.


The story starts out with two different characters, Natasha and Daniel. Natasha Kingsley is Jamaican, and she is an undocumented immigrant. Daniel is korean and is an immigrant. It is the day when Natasha is being deported, the day Daniel is going for his admission interview for Yale, which his parent forced him to. They end up in the same destination, the USCIS building. Natasha believes in facts and numbers, while Daniel believes in destiny and love. These two characters, though very different, meet and feel love for each other. The two characters change throughout the story.


Natasha isolates herself from the world. She does this by always wearing her headphones and she does not create new relationships.

Daniel believes in destiny, love, and art. But he has to conceal it because of his surrounding people.


The Sun is Also a star, however, is not just a love story of two kids who are very different. It demonstrates a bigger meaning, a message that connection to the world is very important.


The amount of detail that goes in each plot point is so intricate that it is interesting to track how the story progresses and how different plot points connect.



Another character in The Sun is Also a star is Irene, a security guard at the USCIS building. Who is Irene? How is she connected to Natasha and Daniel’s relationship? Irene’s story might seem trivial at first, but towards the end, she is an important part of this love story. [SPOILER!!] …


Interconnectedness is also shown through a minor character, Irene who is depressed and desperate for someone to notice her. She thinks breaking would be better than living and not having thank living with wanting. Yes, she decides to commit suicide. But a small act of kindness, just one small act from Natasha gives Irene the courage to ask for help. Irene is saved. Natasha probably will never know, she will never realize she has saved someone’s life by showing an act of kindness.


How much do we realize that our everyday actions affect other people? Most of the time, we do not realize how our small actions affect others, whether they are kind or offensive. But what is important, is that our smallest action can have a big effect on other people and in that way, all of us, we are connected.


This connection gives the Irene to call for help. Irene decides to follow her dream of a flight attendant and lives happily. Irene finishes the story by showing the real connection between people in the world.


After Natasha and Daniel separate, they go on with their lives and on one of Irene’s flight she notices Natasha a just a few seats away, she sees Daniel. As how people say, “it is a small world.” A person that you met for a few minutes can be the person to change your life.


Through the story, we see a change in Natasha and at the very end we actually see how she changed. Through the connection of Natasha and Daniel that changes them for the rest of their lives.


“She finds a family of friends. She learns to like and then to love the country of her birth. It’s not that Natasha wants to let Daniel go; it’s that she has to… She lets go of Daniel to avoid being ripped apart.”


Natasha does not live in her world by herself anymore. She learns how to be part of something and learn to let things go for her happiness.


As for Daniel,


“Daniel finishes high school but declines Yale. He moves out of his parents’ house, works two jobs, and attends Hunter college part-time. It’s not that Daniel wants to let Natasha go… But he hears the strain in her voice across the distance.”


Daniel refuses his parents’ expectations for being a doctor, but follows his passion of poetry.


Natasha and Daniel were able to change their lives through the connection with each other, making them happier in the moment.


We all want to be by ourselves sometimes. We all have complaints to the universe sometimes. But do you realize how important you are in this world and to everyone in this world?


As Nicola Yoon said, “I really think we’re all connected, and if we could slow down and take the time we’d be able to see it.”


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