Lost boys (and girls) of Sudan 

               This is a map of  the United States of America. And it shows how many people from Sudan migrated to these states as refugees. There were a lot of states that were colored brown which means that only a little group of people migrated there. Most of the brown was shaded light which meant that no one went there. I noticed that Texas had the most number and maybe it is because it is one of the biggest states. Also, Texas is surrounded by states that has less refugees. Alaska is the biggest state but no one really went there. The states that were off the side such as Alaska and Hawaii. There is only one state coloured in orange and I wonder if there is an actual reason or if it just happened. Did all the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan go to the U.S?

Ranthambhore Reflections

          These are The photos of a pre- Ranthambhore painted reflection and a post- Ranthambhore painted reflection. Both of these paintings are used with different colors and the reason is because I was really excited to go on the trip. I showed the excitement with fireworks. But compared to the first painting, the second painting has smooth lines. Which kind of means that I felt like I’ve done a big thing and that I’ve accomplished it. It also represents how my daily routine changed and how exciting it was.

Fantasy Sneak Peek

I woke up early this morning. We were moving to our new home, new school. Which meant leaving all of my old friends. But there was one thing that stayed with me wherever I go. My violin. “Tomorrow will be the first day of school,” my mom explained. “You will be able to take part of the orchestra at school.” My face lightened a little bit. At least I felt a little happiness inside. After hours of car rides, We came to our new house. It was dusty and dirty and full of spider webs. It seemed like nobody had lived here in years.The house was empty with no furniture. “We will have the furniture here tomorrow,” mom said.

“Mom. Who’s house is this?” I asked. Mother frowned and looked at me.

“It is your grandparent’s house. Nobody lived here after your father passed away. Let’s just start cleaning.” Me and my mom got right to work. We wiped, mopped, and cleaned every bit of our new home. The bathrooms were the hardest part of the house to clean. It had water dripping from the sink. When everything was clean and shining, we were so exhausted and tired that our eyes started to close. The house looked so good and bright but now, we looked all dusty and dirty. We drove to a hotel for the night. I think we both fell asleep in five seconds when we got there. We spent the time at the hotel sleeping. It was a new day. Everything was perfect except for myself. Which meant that it was a new school day for me. The weather was perfect. Some wind and not cold. I felt my tummy feeling tight. “So how do you feel?” My mom asked.

“I don’t know but I’m excited about my first orchestra at this school.”

 “Great, Skye, today is your first class,” my mom said. Last year, I had entered a contest and got 1st place. Everyone was so happy for me. I stopped daydreaming about it and told my mom ” let’s get going now.”

This is an excerpt from my fantasy story called melody, harmony, and rhythms. These Paraghraphs are the beginning of my story. This part doesn’t really tell the main part of the story or the fantasy part of the story but I think this excerpt was one of the best parts in my story. I chose these Paraghraphs because I did a little bit of foreshadowing about the string instrument that the character likes. I tried to show the character’s feelings. For example, I showed how the character felt about leaving the old home and moving to an another place. I showed that the violin and the orchestra helped her think away from the sadness. I also chose this excerpt because it had some dialogue and narration. 

Realistic fiction

This is my realistic fiction and it is based on something that happened to me. It is true that my mom was sick and that I was not allowed to go in her room. It is not true that I gave her a flower. I wrote about it because I felt sad that time the most.

A Flower For Mom

Chapter 1

        That afternoon, Callie and her mother walked in to the market and pulled out a cart. “Let’s go get drinks,”her mother said.

      “Mom can I stay with you for your work?” Callie asked.                                                                                

   “You will have to ride the plane for hours and your dad won’t be here because of work,” her mother replied.

Callie was disappointed until she heard that she was going to stay with her grandparents.   

 They always went to gardens, art galleries, and Callie would walk near the rivers. 

  Later that night, she imagined of the flowers, paintings, and water flowing through rivers.   

   Morning came and Callie stretched her arm and yawned. Callie looked out the window. The sky was smiling just like her. She dragged herself out of bed and started getting ready to leave to her grandparents’ house.  

  After packing, Callie walked to the train. She hated trains but she liked the views of the mountains and the light blue sky.

Chapter 2

       Later that day,she arrived at her grandparents’ house. 

     “Welcome, Callie!”her grandparents shouted.after giving hugs she walked up to her room.

she got to sleep up stairs in a room where her mother used to sleep long time ago. 

There was a carpet, closet, and a desk. All of those things were her mother’s. Callie could guess easily. 

Callie start unpacking her clothes in the closet.  

    “Dinner ready, Callie grandmother said just as she closed her closet. 

    “Coming!” Callie was sniffing as she ran down stairs. 

    “Chicken noodle soup!” She shouted.

 Her grandmother loved to cook and bake. 

     Callie had a fun time that night. She had chicken noodle soup and vanilla cupcakes. They kissed goodnight and Callie slowly walked upstairs. She changed into her sweet, cozy, purple sleeping clothes and tucked in the bed. It was cozy and warm. Because of the coziness it made her sleep in 3 seconds. Her eyes slowly closed.   

    The next morning,when Callie woke up she reached to the kitchen and made herself a cup of hot chocolate and sat down on a chair.

 Every morning went this way and she liked it.

Chapter 3

      Few weeks went by quickly and her grandma called Callie to talk.

       “Callie your mom is sick she came back from her work last night. she is at the hospital now so I think we should meet her early in the morning tomorrow.”

      That night Callie couldn’t sleep. She rolled and squeezed and kicked like a wild animal that couldn’t sleep. 

      Callie looked up the the White and clear, well painted ceiling. She was calm but she was worried.

Chapter 4

    “Callie, wake up!” Callie’s eyes slowly opened but the sunlight was so shiny like a flash light that she closed her eyes right away. 

After spending a lot of time blinking and blinking Callie opened her eyes. 

Callie poped out of bed and hurried downstairs. 

They ran as fast as they could to the train.

 “Pheww I’m glad that we didn’t miss it.””so how is mom?callie asked.

 “We’ll see when we get there.” 

It was a long train ride to the hospital.

Chapter 5

     They were there now in the hospital waiting for the nurse to tell them were the room is. 

“Room number 157.”

 Callie and her grandma was standing in front the door.

“I’ll be back”said her grandma with a slightly sad smile. “Stay here Callie it won’t be safe for you to go in.” 

  Callie felt bad even horrible. 

“But why?” 

“Kids can’t.” 

Her grandma slowly walked in the room and closed the door. Callie listened as the door closed. 

Callie sat on the bench and waited… She saw lots of people pass but there was no sign of any doors opening. Callie decided to wait for a few more minutes. Then she started to feel hot and worried. 

    Suddenly she smelled something, something sweet. It smelled like her grandmother’s garden with flowers. Callie fallowed the smell and out the door.

Chapter 6

      The smell took her out side into the sunlight.

  The sun was shining, the grass was shaking softly and the flowers were singing. 

“It’s so relaxing here” Callie thought. 

Callie softly lied down on the grass and picked a flower with a long and smooth stem.

 She twisted and turned the long stem. She looked at it carefully. It looked like the the perfect sized bracelet for her mother. 

Callie decided to give the bracelet to her mother. She felt better. Callie dashed to the room. She saw her grandmother walking out. 

 “Can you give this to her”Callie asked. 

 “Callie it’s beautiful.”

They slowly walked to the train station and headed home. 

Chapter 7

     The summer ended in a month and it was time for Callie to go home. 

  “It’s ended Callie thought. 

She was still missing her mom. 

Callie packed her clothes from the closet and got her bag ready. 

“I’ll come next summer!” 

“Well miss you.” And Callie left.

 She arrived home in the afternoon. She opened the door……..  

Her mom and dad were there!! 

“Are you fine? And dad is back from work!” 

“I’m fine, Callie”her mom said. 

Callie felt so happy that she could dance.

About the author
 Yumin Kim was born in Korea October 21, 2004. She came to India about when it was her 100th day. She is living in India right now. She is enjoying living in India and the school. 

She decided to write this realistic fiction story that was based on her real life because her mom was actually sick but her mother did get better.